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2nd Grade: Can You See What I See?

13 Jan

In Mr. Langevin and Mrs. Johnson’s Art Rooms, 2nd Graders took a look at the work of Walter Wick, author and photographer of the children’s book series “Can You See What I See?” Then, we used painted textures and paper collage to design our own city scenes, hiding little details and pictures within our artwork for the viewer to find. Take a look at our artwork… and can you see what we saw??

(Click on any of the images to see them larger)

And here are some close-ups of our hidden details!


1st Grade: Figures in motion!

12 Jan

In Mrs. Johnson’s Art Room, 1st Graders have been studying the human figure. First, we learned how to draw a stick figure! We worked in partners – one student posed, and the other student drew… then we switched roles. The kids loved trying out all sorts of crazy poses to challenge their partner!

Then, we learned how to add “skin and muscles” to our stick figure skeletons… we call this “Tornado Man” because we drew tornado-like spirals to fill out our figure!

Finally, we drew two or three of our favorite poses on black paper, cut them out, and added bright colored lines to show movement! This method of using both oil pastel and watercolor paint is called “Oil resist painting“. It creates very bright combinations of colors!

Happy New Year!

7 Jan

This is our first week back here at Ilchester, and I hope everyone had a very relaxing break! I can’t wait to post some of the fun things we have been creating in the Art Room during the Fall of 2010. Check back soon to see what we’re up to!