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5th Grade: Mexican Alebrijes IN PROGRESS

23 Feb

In Mrs. Johnson’s Art Room, 5th Graders have been working away at building armatures (sort of like a skeleton) for their Mexican alebrije sculptures. In the 1930s, Mexican artist Pedro Linares got very sick. While suffering from a fever, he had visions of creatures that were made up of all different animal parts… horse legs here, a dog’s head there, and decorated in all kinds of crazy colors! When he recovered from the illness, he decided to make these creatures so other people could see what he dreamt about! He called these creatures “alebrijes”. Today, many artists create alebrijes, and it has become a type of folk art.

This alebrije was created by the artist, Angelico Jimenez.

5th Graders sketched ideas for their own alebrijes, and then began constructing them in three-dimensions using newspaper and other recycled materials. I usually wait until the end of a unit to post photos, but the alebrije armatures looked so fun, I just had to post them in progress! Check back for their completed, painted sculptures in a few weeks!


Want to see your artwork in a MUSEUM?

16 Feb

Well you can! Have you heard of the website Yeah, I know the name is funny. But it’s a fun website where you can upload your own artwork, and use different effects to alter it! One of these effects, called “Museumr” shows you what it would look like if your artwork was hanging in a museum! I tried it out with a few of Ilchester’s famous artists below:

Remember to click on any image to make it larger!

Another cool effect I found on the site is one called “Lomo”. This effect will make your artwork look as though it was taken by a Lomo camera, a specific type of camera that makes colors appear brighter than they actually are, and can sometimes give a fuzzy, shadowy edge to a photograph. Check it out!

Google Art Project!

2 Feb

Wow! Check out the Google Art Project, a wonderful site that lets you explore museums all over the world, and check out artwork from their collections UP CLOSE!

When you go to the homepage, you can click on a museum from the list on the left (The Freer Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. is included!), and then choose to VIEW ARTWORK, or even EXPLORE THE MUSEUM.

You can ZOOM IN on any artwork to see it closer than you could probably get in person! Check out the cracks in Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” by clicking on the picture below!

3rd Grade: CLICK! Celebrating Communities

1 Feb

In Mr. Langevin and Mrs. Johnson’s Art Rooms, 3rd graders discussed the meaning of community. We took a look at historic Ellicott City here in Howard County as an example of a local community. 3rd graders even got to spend some time in this community when they took a field trip to Old Ellicott City with their homeroom teachers!

To celebrate the rich history of the Old Ellicott City community, 3rd graders drew inspiration from their experiences on the field trip, as well as from photos of the town to create a three-dimensional city!

As a final step, 3rd graders took photographs of the community they created together. We discussed how the artist, Walter Wick worked with a team to create and photograph communities for his book series, “Can You See What I See?” and “I Spy”. Four of these photographs were sent to a Howard County Art Exhibition called “Click! Celebrating Communities”.

You can check out these four photographs by Ilchester students (as well as photographs by K-12 students from other Howard County schools) at the Artists’ Reception this Thursday, February 3rd from 5:00 – 7:00 pm at the Department of Education Gallery… or see them below!