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Mall Show 2011!

26 Apr

Join us this Wednesday evening, if you can!

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4th Grade: Chinese New Year Dragons

9 Apr

In Mrs. Johnson’s Art Room, we’ve been celebrating Chinese New Year! This year, Chinese New Year fell on February 3rd – we discussed that many people celebrate Chinese New Year here in the United States (The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore had a Chinese New Year celebration, as did Chinatown in Washington, D.C.).

After discovering the symbolism behind Chinese dragons, and the legend that they ward off evil spirits, we got to work drawing our own dragons to ring in the new year. We looked at photos of Chinese dragons and New Year’s parades for inspiration in creating our artwork.

Here are some of our drawings:

Then, we added some color! We even used metallic colored pencils and gold paint markers for finishing touches!

Lastly, we added a body and used an accordion fold so our dragons could MOVE! Our Chinese dragons are ready for a parade!

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