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1st Grade: Chinese Brush Painting!

9 May

In Mrs. Johnson’s Art Room, 1st Graders are learning the fine art of Chinese brush painting! We took a look at the artwork of the famous Chinese brush painter, Wang Yani (who began painting at the age of two!).

Wang Yani creating her artwork using Chinese brush painting.

Wang Yani loved to paint monkeys!

Students then practiced creating their own paintings using a Chinese bamboo brush. Students experimented with three traditional Chinese brush strokes to create things like flowers, dragonflies, bamboo, and water. These brushstrokes are: the straight hold, the 45-degree angle hold, and the horizontal hold.

Take a look at how we practiced our strokes!

Then, students created fans and decorated them using all three Chinese brush strokes they had learned. They included the Chinese character for the season featured in their fan.