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5th Grade: Mexican Alebrijes IN PROGRESS

23 Feb

In Mrs. Johnson’s Art Room, 5th Graders have been working away at building armatures (sort of like a skeleton) for their Mexican alebrije sculptures. In the 1930s, Mexican artist Pedro Linares got very sick. While suffering from a fever, he had visions of creatures that were made up of all different animal parts… horse legs here, a dog’s head there, and decorated in all kinds of crazy colors! When he recovered from the illness, he decided to make these creatures so other people could see what he dreamt about! He called these creatures “alebrijes”. Today, many artists create alebrijes, and it has become a type of folk art.

This alebrije was created by the artist, Angelico Jimenez.

5th Graders sketched ideas for their own alebrijes, and then began constructing them in three-dimensions using newspaper and other recycled materials. I usually wait until the end of a unit to post photos, but the alebrije armatures looked so fun, I just had to post them in progress! Check back for their completed, painted sculptures in a few weeks!


Green Day Celebration & Mural Dedication!

3 Jun

This year, Ilchester Elementary was proud to receive their official Maryland Green School certification. Part of the celebration included the unveiling of a mural created by Ilchester’s very own 2009-2010 5th Graders and 2nd Graders!

The theme of the mural was Maryland ecosystems. 5th Graders worked together with an artist-in-residence, Mrs. Suzanne Herbert-Forton to create clay tiles featuring local species and their habitats.

Around the border of the mural, 2nd Graders created clay tiles featuring butterflies that are common to our area (and that can be found in Ilchester’s outdoor butterfly garden – directly across from the mural!)

You can read more about the artist-in-residence who helped us create this mural here.

Check out some photos of the unveiling (special thanks to Mrs. Behan for the photos!):

Mr. Langevin before the mural is revealed.

Mr. Langevin and Mrs. Iris

The mural is revealed!

Stop by to check out the mural in person! It is located in the courtyard outside of Mr. Langevin’s Art Room.